Apr. 1st, 2011 02:15 pm
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So today at lunch I was working on my sock. I had it on 3 needles, and decided I wanted to switch to 4. I grabbed the spare needle from my bag...but it felt different.

So I used the digital calipers in the lab and checked.

Sure enough it was a size 1 needle, not a 0.

I am queen of the nerds!
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Guy at my coffee shop as he starts to write up the lunch special on the whiteboard: Do you always get the pancakes?
Me: Yeah, unless I'm too late for breakfast.
Guy: We saw your car pull up, and OtherGuy said we ought to put on an order. But I was afraid that you don't always get them.
Me: No, you're pretty safe with the pancakes.

So they not only know me, but know my car. ROFL

Got TWO of my AU Meme challenges typed up. Will post once they've been checked for spelling, grammar and the like.
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So, I was talking about how Awesome the new BBC show Sherlock was, right?

I seem to have made many LJ icons. I put them up at a Sherlock comm, but I really ought to post them here as well, and share them with you. Images are from all 3 episodes, but nothing particularly spoilery.

So yeah... )


Jul. 17th, 2010 08:48 pm
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Me: So, I had a coupon for borders, so I bought some stuff.
Mom: *sigh* what history books did you buy?
Me: What?
Mom: What kind of history book did you buy?
Me: Oh. Um. Renaissance Italy.
Mom: LOL
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This meme from [ profile] m_steelgrave looks like fun.

Comment on this entry with a pairing I ship from one of my fandoms (and I mean any, not just ones in which I am currently active) and I will tell you:

1. When I started shipping them
2. What I think their challenge is
3. What makes me happy about them
4. What makes me sad about them
5. What moment I wish had never happened
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other
7. My happily ever after for them
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Over the weekend I got to show some of [ profile] thehouseofmews my very favorite TV show in the whole world (sorry Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, you come in a close second). I love Odoru Daisousasen so very much. And every time I get to show it to someone new it just reignites my love, and it all just comes bubbling up like a sparkly pink volcano. Add to this the fact that they've put out the teaser trailer for the third movie and I'm just all a twitter.

Now, in the past it's been hard to share it with people. Poor [ profile] flidgetjerome had to put up with me sending episode summaries and a few scans from the 2nd movie books. Then I got my hands on some fansubbed DVDs and inflicted those on [ profile] eramundo and [ profile] twigcollins. But now! Now there is Youtube, and other video sharing sites, and physical distance will protect you no longer.

So what is Odoru Daisousasen anyway? Literally it translates to 'The Dancing Criminal Investigation Network,' but the unofficial English title is 'Rhythm and Police' (yes, like in DDR. That's the opening theme song). Once they started to make movies they decided they needed an official English title and called it 'Bayside Shakedown' which I think is really extremely clever.

The series follows Aoshima Shunsaku, a newly minted detective as he settles into life at the Wangan police station and deals with the realities of police life. (vs the way he thought it would be from too many cop shows). The series is hilariously funny, but makes sure that you really connect with the characters so that you care about the serious drama bits when they unfold. If you liked Hot Fuzz, I can't imagine you not liking Odoru. (Yes, I'm talking to you [ profile] annlarimer)

So what makes it so awesome? )

I'll be back with more raving about this show later in the week, but I hope by now you're going, 'Ok Ann, I'm intrigued, but how do I watch it?'

You can find the whole series here. With subtitles! Because I love you enough not to subject you to my old summaries with things like, "Aoshima gapes like an idiot. Ok, maybe that’s just because I find the girl annoying. No wait. He actually dances a little. He’s an idiot."

I will be back to talk about themes! and pairings! and the ossim music! But now I'm going to fall down and go to bed. Goodnight!
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I don't watch much Fiction television. There are shows that I like that I catch on DVD or online, like Chuck, but when it comes to actually watching a show on the TV, I'm pretty much down to 'Leverage' and 'Eureka.' But I do watch a metric ton of documentary shows. Roman plumbing? Hawking's thoughts on Black Holes? Guys filming random things in slow motion? I am ALL OVER that.

So recently I've been watching lots of science shows. And therefore I'm seeing a LOT of Neil Degrasse Tyson. He works at the Hayden Planetarium in NY, and he's a frequent guest on the Daily Show and Colbert Report. And he's a talking head for just about any astronomy-astrophysics show or special there is. And he hosts Nova Science NOW on PBS (which is a pretty good science magazine show).

So I was watching one of these shows, thinking how much I have seen of him lately, so I went to his site and wrote him a little fan letter. Nothing much, just like, two twitter-fulls of 'I've enjoyed your appearances and think you have clear explanations of complicated concepts for someone who isn't very knowledgeable, like me.' And today he wrote back!

Dear Ann
Thank you for your kind words below. I try hard to bring the universe down to Earth. I am glad to learn that I occasionally succeed - even on Colbert.
All the best, on Earth and in the Universe.

This makes me happy.
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Okay, so I posted about Trek and knitting a couple of times now. But apparently I haven't gotten Reboot Trek out of my system. So much so that I'm pretty much completely obsessed. I thought maybe babbling about it a bit might help. So that will all be under the cut. )
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So I have a Gaia account that I was pimped by [ profile] flidgetjerome into getting way back when Gaia was in it's infancy, and I quickly lost interest because there wasn't anything to do yet. Now it's years later and I found that I'm actually going to use it in an RP run by [ profile] bardofawen. He kindly gave me enough money to give my character an overhaul so she no longer looked like the bastard child of Utena and Chun-Li.

And I have to admit it....I ran straight out and bought my character Christian Siriano clothes because he will never make real clothes in my size/price range and this is the closest I would get. I'm such a dork.

(Christian won Project Runway 2 seasons ago, and I am SUCH a fan of that show.)


Apr. 15th, 2009 12:05 pm
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Last night I wove in the ends of my washcloth and today I took a picture of my Dalek Washcloth. The pic doesn't really do the yarn justice, it's a much darker pinker red. But it was really easy and really fun. I'm totally making more of these.
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One of my coworkers and I rag on each other all the time. ALL the time. The fake insults are fast and furious. But this morning I held my tongue because I wasn't actually part of the conversation, and there were other non-in-group people around. But, it was SUCH a good put down that I will share it with you.

Coworker1 to Coworker2: See, you gotta treat people with respect. Don't you want people to respect you?
Coworker3 (guy I pick on): Respect is overrated!
Me: You only say that because you've never had it.


It would have been great. And I would have loved to hear what say in return.


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