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I always thought that Enya's "Sail Away" was "Save the Whales." Then I was very confused when Crystal Light used it in an ad campaign. Especially when it had all these sailboats and stuff in it. I mean, they were both ocean-y, but where were the whales? At the time I was very impressed with Crystal Light's commitment to the environment.

Then someone pointed out the real lyrics and I felt like such a dork.

...Still sounds like 'Save the Whales' to me.

Also, Fall Out Boys 'This Ain't a Scene it's an Arms Race' there's NO WAY 'scene' is what they're really singing. The only way that would be possible would be to pronounce the last 'e' in scene. Drives me right up the wall. City, CD, something. But not Scene.
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(saw this on Ysabet's page and had to join in)

If money were no object, I want my body cremated and the ashes turned into a diamond.

Then I want them to take that diamond, and have it put in a tiara. A really, truly tacky tiara. Pink sapphires, rhinestones, LEDs, WHATEVER. And then I want my will to stipulate that whoever-it-is-who-gets-my-fortune (this is a fantasy remember) will ONLY get my fortune if they display said tiara prominently on a mantlepiece.

That's what I want.

Oh, and a tombstone that says something like, 'Saved Peoria from Ninja Pirates'

You know, something Classy.


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