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I will post about my weekend in a minute. But first, I have a mini rant. Palinesque Anti-Intellectualism has trickled down to Canadian cartoon shows. While eating my raisin bran this morning in the lobby they had a kid's cartoon about 'racer dogs' on the tv. (I'm not sure why, there were no kids around) And the dogs were having a cooking contest. But the main dog couldn't figure out what to cook, so it got a cookbook.

And the other dogs told him, 'You can't use a cookbook! You need to cook something that comes from your heart!'


Mar. 24th, 2010 07:20 pm
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So at first I thought April Fools came early. But no, it's apparently true. The Discovery Channel is going to pay a million dollars an episode to let Sarah Palin host a show about Alaska. Screw you, Discovery Channel.

I went ahead and wrote to the Discovery Channel. The website is frustrating in and of itself, incredibly slow to load, and it has no location for general comments, or something about upcoming programming. So I ended up putting it down as a comment related to 'The Alaska Experience.' Palin believes in letting Creationism into public schools, and doesn't believe in Global Warming. I don't want her near my educational programming.

I live alone, I don't have a lot of expenses, so I splurged and got the nice big cable package when I moved to St. Marys. I've got Discovery and Science and Nat Geo...History International, BBC America... And I love nonfiction programming. Give me Top Gear, Planet Earth, Walking with Dinosaurs...The Daily Show, Mythbusters, Ancient Discoveries... But I'm getting sick of this constant slide into less and less rigorous programming. At first the History Channel was all Nazis all the time, and then they came up with History International, which was cool. But now History International is all Nazis and the History channel is all Monsters and Nostradamus. And now the Discovery Channel too. >__<

I think it might be time for me to look into Boxee, or AppleTV.
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At the Drivethru:

Me: I'd like a fish sandwich and an apple pie please.
Kid: Would you like to make that two apple pies for a dollar?
Me: No, just one.
Kid: One's 89 cents. Just 11 cents more will get you two.
Me: Well, there's only one of me.
Kid: ....well you could still EAT two.
Me: XD I don't need the extra calories.
Kid: Do you have a dog?

Man, Persistent Clerk Kid is PERSISTENT.
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Yesterday when I left my company parking lot, I was behind one of my coworkers, the guy that taught my mom and me how to fire a shotgun. He drives a Monster Truck (yes, with the giant tires) and has two McCain/Palin bumper stickers. One of them has a target and says 'McCain hit the Bullseye with Palin.' And then there's, you know, me, right behind him. And as we left the parking lot and pulled out onto the street, he turned right and I turned left and I had to laugh.

I called my mom to tell her the joke to find out that she and my dad just got back from Cabelas where they bought their own Compound Bows. Blue for Dad and Red for Mom. I'm excited for them to have a hobby they can enjoy together. It's kind of funny about their bows, because I'm knitting scarves for them for Christmas (quiet [livejournal.com profile] twigcollins, they ASKED for them) and had my mom help pick out the yarns. And so when they go out to shoot targets they'll have their scarves, red and blue, to match their bows.
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You'd think I'd have remembered to mention this when I was going into Mom's awesome marksmanship, but I totally forgot to tell you all that I mentioned the whole 'practicing on the wii / coming down from Michigan' thing to a local reporter. I thought 'The story is too good!'

I was so right.

So here's mom and me in the Wapakoneta Daily News. We're the second story down. We even made the front page. Unfortunately the online version is missing the picture of mom actually firing the shotgun. But the article is still very cute. ....I wish the reporter hadn't felt the need to emphasize how much I suck compared to my mom, but there you are...it makes the story even better.
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Because I like to try new things, and it seemed like a great way to get a taste without having to spend a lot of money, I signed up for a Women in the Outdoors event. The brochure said you'd get to try shotgun, handgun, horseback riding, canoeing, canning, dutch oven cooking, wine making, fishing...all kinds of stuff. My mom is brilliant at shooting things on the wii, (and also rubber band fights) and I thought she'd love the chance to try a real gun too. So I invited her down this weekend and we both went.

Oh my God, you guys! My mom is AWESOME.

When we did shotgun she hit 5 out of 9 clay pigeons. When we did handgun she hit a bullseye with her first shot. When we did archery she hit 5 balloons with 6 arrows. Whenever we went to a new event we would tell our instructor how she has so much fun on the wii, and they would laugh indulgently. By the end of the session they were all going "I need to get a wii! What game did you play again?!?"

I on the other hand, could probably use some more practice. )

I had a ball, Mom had a ball, and if there's a branch of Women in the Outdoors in your area, I'd highly suggest it. Really fun day. Apparently there's one going on in the winter not too far from me where they do skiing and bobsledding and dogsledding! All kinds of fun.


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