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This post was originally going to be about how awesome River Song was in comparison To Amy Pond. That shows you how long ago I started to plan this, because that was before the show did its best to ruin her.

Spoilers Sweetie! )
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I "liked" Doctor Who on Facebook, which means that I get constant updates and video clips of old doctors and things. Mostly I ignore them, but the other night they had one saying "Do you love Amy Pond? In the next half-season there's an episode devoted to to her backstory that will break your heart!"

In a fit of "Someone is Wrong on the Internet" I clicked on the comments to say "NO. I don't love Amy, get her the hell off the TARDIS." And as I read through the comments I saw that there were two camps. The people who hated Amy...mostly women. And the people that love Amy, mostly men. The men were baffled at the Amy Hate, and decided that we must be either die hard Doctor/Rose shippers or just jealous because Amy's pretty.

Um. NO.
HELL no.

And here's why. Warning, as River would say...Spoilers! )


Apr. 15th, 2009 12:05 pm
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Last night I wove in the ends of my washcloth and today I took a picture of my Dalek Washcloth. The pic doesn't really do the yarn justice, it's a much darker pinker red. But it was really easy and really fun. I'm totally making more of these.


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