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As you may know, I'm a total Shakespeare Slut. Badmouthing the Bard, (along with 102 Dalmatians) is one of the few things that get me frothing at the mouth. So what could be better than going to see a Shakespeare Play at the Globe? )
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The saga continues... )
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I kept a journal while I was with flidget so that I wouldn't forget all the awesome things we did or saw, and that later I wouldn't forget which big ornate white building I had in this picture or that picture. Looking back through them, I thought that really they weren't so bad, though they're no [livejournal.com profile] thorne_scratch posts.

But anyway, here's day one of my trip to London. )
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I am home from London Town! It was an absolutely fantastic trip, a fantastic adventure. One could not ask for a more gracious and knowledgable host than [livejournal.com profile] flidgetjerome....even if she does think that these things are hats, when they are obviously formal deely boppers.

I will post in more detail about the trip in later posts, when I am not vaguely jetlagged. But I had such a wonderful time! Flidget is the best sort of guide because she knows so much about art and architecture (her: 'This is all Jacobean, which is a shame because it looks so modern that people don't realize it's 17th century' Me: 'Ok' Her: 'And this is the Victorian's idea of what Gothic was supposed to look like, which is really stupid since it's right NEXT TO actual Gothic architecture.' Me: 'Ok').

Flidget was amazingly patient with my hairdryer and other electronics issues. In return for which, my subconscious left her my copy of Puzzle Quest. And she put up with my poor aching feet when I could walk no further and would fall asleep on the tube.

I made her watch the end of Avatar and she made me watch a Bollywood movie. She went on to continue to not care about Avatar (when she's the one that hooked me) while I went on to watch a Bollywood movie on the flight home.

Flidget chauffered me everywhere I wanted to go. She was kind enough to come with me to the Tower of London, even though she's been and it's not free, where we looked at diamond scepters that would make Sailor Moon weep with envy, and I bothered all the reenactors about things half remembered from a Shakespeare biography. Extremely generous with her time and patience.


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