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I've been on the hunt for a purse the past few weeks, and have come to the conclusion that I either I am excessively stingy or prices are insane. Actually it's probably a venn diagram situation. But really this should NOT be that hard.

I'm being very picky about the purse I want, but I don't think I'm asking for anything outrageous. It must be big enough for an 8.5 x 11 notebook, but not much bigger than that. It must have pockets or sections. It must close at the top (one snap does not count, my purse must be able to tip onto it's side without automatically spilling all my possessions). It must have a good place to put keys and cell phone. Those are the musts. It would be nice for it to have some kind of structure so it's not too floppy, and it would be nice if it were professional looking enough that I don't worry taking it when I visit customers.

Is this really so much to ask for in a purse? Apparently. Especially if I would like it to be affordable too.

I went all over the mall Memorial Day weekend, and all over a different mall this Saturday . I scrolled through e-bags, and zappos, and etsy. I asked on the knitting forums, because surely out of a few thousand knitters there must be a few purse obsessed ladies there.

Saturday I thought I had found a good compromise at Target. It fit all of the musts except for the 'good place to put keys and cell phone.' And it was cheap! The fake leather feels like rubber, but it looks nice. But I went to the store yesterday, and just that was a pain to find keys, and the internal pocket was too small for my makeup (and seriously, it's not like I wear a lot of makeup)

So now I think I'm going to have to upgrade to an expensive purse. Way more than I want to spend, but at least not the 200 plus dollars that a lot of places are charging. There was one store I went to, and I knew I was in the wrong place the minute they walked up to me with a complementary bottle of water and a silver platter of chocolate chip cookies. There is no way I can afford a purse in a store like that. And I was right. (Seriously, 150 for a nylon clutch?) Here's what I have my eye on. I think I can actually get it cheaper than this through an employee discount (there are perks to working for a subsidiary of a huge company) that brings it closer to reasonable, but still not affordable. Now I just need to decide between green and yellow.


Oct. 1st, 2009 02:52 pm
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So I lost my prescription sunglasses somewhere in Kansas City. Yesterday I finally managed to get into the eye doctor to get my prescription checked and get the ball rolling on replacements. I was wheedled into picking out some really funky frames (it didn't take much effort). They are brown plastic, with a lighter yellow-brown plastic behind, and the arms are carved with circles to show off the inner-plastic. There's also a hole behind the hinge with a large-ish rhinestone at the edge. When I took these to the counter so they could write up the paperwork the following conversation took place:

Lady: Oooh, good choice! These will look SO much better than what you're wearing now.
Me: No no no, those are for sunglasses. I'm not getting rid of my glasses frames. I love these frames.
Lady: But....they're so conservative!
Me: They have bling!
Lady: (skeptically) Where?
Me: Here and here!
Lady: Hmph. You'd need pretty good eyesight to see that.

So yeah, that was was pretty funny.
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Hi Ho! I went shopping today and found jeans that fit! (It is so totally exciting) I reccomend anyone who is plus size like me to go check out Layne Bryant's new line of Jeans. There are three kinds depending on your body type. Which means that now I have jeans that I don't have to cinch tight with a belt so they don't fall off, yet still fit the rest of me.

I was so happy that I spent hours looking at terribly impracticle shoes.


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