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Autumn is coming and it's time to start thinking about Nanowrimo. I'd thought that I wouldn't be able to do it, because I thought I'd be getting ready to move in November. But now that that time table's been moved up I think I'll probably be able to after all. (What I don't know is whether my wallet will be able to handle a month at Panera after the move XD) So it's time to start thinking of possible projects to do.

At the top of my list is the Train Story. I've had it in my head for years now, but I keep putting it off because it's kind of a depressing story...at least to begin with. It's about people who've been kind of shattered by a war putting themselves back together again on a long cross-continental trip to the ocean. It's delicate in a way that I'm really not sure I can pull off. Last year I decided against writing it because it was kind of sad and subsumed, and decided to do the Hong Kong story...which was supposed to be full of wacky hijinks, and that ended up being all emo despite myself. So maybe this time I won't fight it.

Another option that I have is a fluffy regency romance story where our heroine has made a marriage of convenience to a gay man, who, with his lover decide to get her a lover. This is mostly based on my friend Chris & his partner who sporadically decide that they need to get me a boyfriend, and then they shoot down every name they come up with.

And the last idea I had was based on the old fairy tale trope of the hero getting the princess's hand in marriage. And I got around to thinking about how she'd feel about that. And decided that she wouldn't be at all pleased, and that she'd put him in his place fairly quickly. He may be very good about swinging a sword, but SHE knows about government and would like him to keep his nose out of it. And basically he'd have to prove himself as more than a trophy husband.

As far as moving goes...Google Earth is an awesome tool. I can put in an apartment address and see where all the grocery stores, restaurants and such are.


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