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(But everyone knows that Harley belongs with Ivy)
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For once I can (mostly) understand a Movits! song. I can't wait for the new album to come out. (Also, that is totally what I would look like if I tried to play drums)
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I was talking to [personal profile] soranokumo last night about Japanese music and decided that since I've DONE Japanese Hip Hop and Rock, I really ought to get around to posting some Japanese Punk. (disclaimer, my knowledge of punk in general is embarrassingly tiny.)
Here We Go! )
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I haven't had a post of awesome videos lately. Let's do that. )
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Here, have an earworm.
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Ok, I know I've posted Rip Slyme videos before, but it's the perfect Late Spring/Early Summer music...breezy, fun and laid back. Also, everyone in the band is a pretty terrible lip syncher.

Enjoy the music! )
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Got this neat link from 'Lifehacker' - a Free Album's worth of Bollywood music! So go get it! And while you're waiting for it to download....
let's party! )
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Thank you for the Snowflake [livejournal.com profile] velithya! That was very thoughtful of you!

Last week when I had a 'dance party' post, i thought, 'I know, I'll make every Friday Dance Party Day!' But then I forgot. So instead, I give you Saturday Historical Dance Party!

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Why hello! Yes, I haven't been around much...gotta love Nano. I'm only one day behind now, and I'm really hoping to get caught up this weekend. But after over two months of having the same music on my ipod I decided that it was time to get some new stuff. So I went and bought the latest MC Frontalot album. Yee! Nerdcore FTW!

Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] twigcollins, this one is for you...


And this one I'm keeping for myself...

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This week has been long, and dull in a way that was almost physically painful. And I am behind in my Nanoing. BUT! This is not the time for that. This is the time for...

Bitchwidget Random Dancing )
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So these guys were on the Colbert Report. And OMG, I had to go right out and get it. <3


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