Dec. 17th, 2011 09:25 pm
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Back from Japan where much work and shopping was accomplished.  It felt really good to be useful, and to know that my Japanese hasn't faded out.  I'm just as sharp as I ever have been. This has been a huge worry since I can go two weeks at my job without having to use any language skills.

I am glad it only lasted a week though, since I was about ready to kill my coworkers by the end of it.  But it's a shame we had to go right home and I couldn't find time to visit with Soranokumo, or anyone else I still know in Japan.  We had one day of play...and I did get some shopping done, but I had to play tour guide so it wasn't really a good time to slip away and go find doujinshi or anything.

But I did get the one thing I really wanted to but couldn't on my last trip, which is an itunes gift card so I can get some new Japanese music.  Which of course means I'm hoarding it and spending all my time on youtube trying to figure out which songs to get, since even 5000 yen isn't going to buy very much. 

All this means that I ended up finding out that one of my favorite Japanese groups, Rip Slyme, did the ending theme for the Japanese dub of Spongebob Squarepants.

You're welcome.

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What a rollercoaster morning. I packed a delicious lunch (sage roasted chicken with glazed turnips and apples) got in the car, and Kate Beaton was on the radio!! I was so excited. I made viking hands.

And then I got to work to find out that the phone conference with the customer this's not a phone conference, we have to go there.

My coworker who's also in the meeting came by while I was making oatmeal, and I was so surprised that I poured all the water into the oatmeal packet. Luckily I had another packet at my desk, so all was not lost.
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Ann, you're a translator. Can you translate this from French?

.....Yes, because Japanese and French have SO much in common.

(Today is not going nearly as bad as yesterday.)
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Shoot me now. This audit sucks.
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So the orange macarons I made for Boston were a bust. I'm not sure whether it was the fact that not all my egg whites were properly aged, or the orange essence screwed up the balance, but they ended up being all lopsided and hollow in the middle.

But they still taste pretty good. So I put a plate of my oopses together and brought them in to work.

My boss tried one and said. "Wow, these taste like circus peanuts."

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I was talking to [personal profile] soranokumo  the other night, and we somehow got on the topic of school, and what did you learn that was actually useful for you in the real world. I thought about it some, and my answers surprised me. I mean, yeah, taking Japanese in school obviously got me into the auto industry. But other than that.

I'd say #3 on the list is Art. The art classes I took in High School, and that one Web Design class I took with [info]twigcollins in college were some of the most valuable things I ever did in school. I make one classy Powerpoint. No, really! I know how to use fonts and effects, how to use clip art and such without looking completely dorky. How to layout the text so it's clear and easy to grasp. That sort of thing. And the same thing comes into play in designing work instructions and checksheets.

#2 is Essay Writing. Specifically the kind of essays you write for high school AP classes and tests. I wouldn't say that I really learned a lot about effectively analyzing or anything like that. But writing like it's a surgical strike, get in, make a point, get out because you have no time to do anything else... That's really important for report and e-mail writing. Make your point, and make it clearly.

But #1 is easily Bullshit. That is by far the most important skill I learned in school.

Oddly these are almost all things I picked up in High School, other than the one web design class.

So, what did you learn in school that helps you in your job, or life, today?

Oh! Before I forget. The most important thing I ever learned in my entire life was from my mom when I was in the seriously annoying 'Why?' phase as a kid. Whenever I asked a question she said, 'I don't know, let's go find out,' and took me to the library.
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I try not to geek out in public over my knitting too much. But last time I was home, I bought some SRS PRETTY yarn. I blew a gift certificate on this lovely turquoise mohair/silk/silver tinsel blend. It's very soft and luscious. And I immediately started on a scarf. And because it's so pretty I bring it to work and knit it on my lunch break. And...I can't help it, I show it off to anyone I see, whether they're interested or not.

My manly-men coworkers have been very tolerant of me waving a glittery girly lacy mohair scarf in their faces. It was very sweet of them. Only...maybe it's not tolerance after all.

Today one coworker asked me how it was going. I showed him how much I have and he complimented it. The nurse walked by and also complimented it. To which my manly-man coworker replied "I know! And have you touched it? It's SO soft!"

ROFL. I'm training them well.

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I've mentioned before that my American coworkers and I are terrible to each other. Today was no different. We had a huge powerout at work, and couldn't get on the generator, so we sat around on the surface plate and talked a bit. One of the guys launched into joking about how hot and sexy he is, and I rolled my eyes.

But it made me think about a time last week where we were talking about cell phone apps, and someone mentioned the metal detector/stud finder app the droid has. I said "Oh I have that!" and the manager said, "That's why your phone beeped when you come in the room."

Oh if ONLY I had been quicker on my feet I would have held up the phone to him and showed the lack of response.

So I figured now was the time to use the joke. So I pulled up the metal detector app and held it near my coworker.

The Damn Thing Went Off.

I forgot we were both sitting on the steel surface plate.

Once I explained the beep we all died laughing. Oh well, I don't mind the joke backfiring as long as it was still funny. (and god it was funny.)
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Coworker1: I'm awesome! You can't spell awesome without me.
Coworker2: What, you mean A. S. S. ?
Me: But...awesome only has one S....
Coworker2: It's ok, Coworker1 doesn't know that!
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QC Mgr: You know why you can't steam the leather seats? It attracts ticks.
Me: Seriously?
Coworker 1: Yeah. Weird.
Me: I've heard of a chick magnet before, but never a tick magnet.
Coworker 1: That's what I am, a chick magnet. So you better chain yourself down.
Me: I think your polarity's been switched.
Coworker1: XD *high five*
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The more trailers I see for 'Extract' the more it looks exactly like every plant I've worked in.

Oh please Mike Judge, please let this be the blue collar Office Space that it looks like.
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Manager: This isn't hard! It's like a crossword puzzle!
Me (thinking): I dunno, I think crossword puzzles are hard, I can never finish them.
Manager: You find the word, you circle it and move on! It's simple!
Me (thinking): That's not a crossword, that's a word search!! it time to go home yet?
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I post a lot of the times I'm mean to one of my coworkers. But they do occasionally get me back pretty good.

HR Lady: I used to work back in the QC Lab.
Guy1: Really?
HR Lady: Yeah, I liked it, they keep the temperature nice and cool back here.
Me: Ugh! It's too cold in here, I'm freezing! (I am in fact wearing a hoodie and fingerless gloves over my uniform right now)
Guy2: Yeah, but that's just 'cause you're cold-hearted.
Me3: XD
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One of the things I like to do at work is go look at the bulletin board in the hallway. Sometimes you find fun things to do, like the Women in the Outdoors day. Mostly people are trying to sell cars, or daycare services. Months and months ago someone posted a 'Free Kittens' paper on the board. When I was thinking of getting a cat, I thought about it. But the rest of the sheet saying 'Some are litter trained' scared me off.

Today someone has taken a blue Bic pen and scratched out 'Kittens' and written in 'Cats' above it. Well, it HAS been months.

(this is still not as good as the 'wedding dress - never been worn' that was posted when I started working here)
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So because of the economy production at my job was cut down to 3 days a week back at the beginning of the year. (My position wasn't affected by that) One of the guys in the Quality department took a voluntary 90 day layoff. He was hourly, so going down to only 3 days a week would have actually been more of a pay cut than unemployment.

His 90 days were up and he was back to work this week, which was great. Today he and I were talking, and he was telling me how he didn't know what to do with his time, how he lost track of days and missed his bowling league because he didn't realize it was Monday. My boss jumped in saying, "I'm jealous, I can't wait till I can do that someday."

I tried to bite my tongue, I really did. But it didn't work. Instead I replied. "Well, I think the voluntary layoff was available to all of us. So if you really want to......"

It just made me angry that he could be so thoughtless. But I really do need to learn to hold my tongue around him better.
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Me: I rescheduled that review meeting to next week.
QC Mgr: Oh, was that supposed to be today?
Me: It was a half hour ago.
QC Mgr: ....Nobody came?
Me: Nope.
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Normally I enjoy helping out the Japanese at my company with non work related things. I've helped out at parent-teacher conferences, pediatrician appointments, filling out soccer team applications... but I have to admit that sometimes it's kind of annoying. No sir, I really don't want to help you negotiate your Longaberger Basket Discount. I understand that you only bought so much on your November order so that you could get a discount on your December order (which you then forgot to apply), but I think that trying to get cash back at this point is going to be pretty difficult.

ETA: I was almost finished writing this post when I was pulled away again to write an email about soccer schedules.

ETA2: Grr. Basket call lasted FORTY FIVE MINUTES. And most of it was me not translating the abuse he was hurling at the Longaberger girl. And in the end we just got their customer service number.
Me: I have to go home now.
Him: But will you call them tomorrow morning?
Me: I'd have to get the ok from my boss, I'm not supposed to do non-work things during work hours.
Him: That's ok, we can call during your lunch break.
Me: I'd kind of like to eat then.
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I do not like days when my primary motivation is to not get yelled at by the boss because his project is not going well.
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Realistically I know that it's going to take a long time to get the economy back on track. We did not get into this mess quickly, we will not get out of it quickly. But please, please, please Obama! Help! I am already really, really tired of worrying about my job.

(Is it a good sign, or a bad one when your boss tells you he's trying to talk about you among management so that people don't think of you as expendable?)
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Bad Thing:
The economy has officially hit work. We're going to have to cut 1/3rd of our production in January. I'll still be going in to work every day, as far as I know, but people on the line won't be, and will either have to use vacation time or not get paid. This is way worse than the worse rumor that had been floating around. And there's still no word on what February and March will be like. Usually by this time of year we know what the general forecast for the entire fiscal year is going to be.

Now, I don't think my company is in danger of going under, and I don't think my job is at stake. Being a Honda supplier puts me in as good a position as I could possibly be. So this is officially Worrying. But not yet Terrifying.

Good Thing:
I got my flight to Oregon fixed! I'm really looking forward to seeing [ profile] exgentlemen and [ profile] ideographer in a week and a half! It's been way too long. I bought my tickets back in July, at which point they were Columbus to Salt Lake City to Portland. This week when I went back to check they were (get this) Columbus to Cincinnati, Cincinnati to Salt Lake City, and...Salt Lake City to Salt Lake City....with a 164 hour layover in Portland. Oh, and the flight OUT of Salt Lake City left BEFORE I arrived. I called tech support, which was in India, and got nowhere slowly. So then I wrote an e-mail, and within a few hours had a reply that I am now flying from Columbus to Atlanta to Portland. Yay!

Bad Thing:
Season One of Merlin is OVER! *sob* At least it didn't end on a gigantic cliffhanger. And it's official that there will be a second season.

Good Thing:
TNT's 'Librarian' Movies. They're great, silly, Indiana Jones fluff about a secret society of Librarians that guard the world's mystic treasures. The dialog is surprisingly good. And in the first one Bob Newhart has a fight scene! I caught part of the third one, which made me Netflix the first one, and now TNT seems to be doing marathons of them.

Odd Thing:
Sticky Fingers Scone Mix is made of Win. All you have to do is add water, and drop spoonfuls onto a baking pan. And they taste great and have just the right consistency...just like the ones [ profile] flidgetjerome fed me in London. Every time I find some in a grocery store I stock up, because they're kind of hard to find. But they had them at my local Kroger! HOWEVER the mix they had was Eggnog flavored. Which is not bad, but rather odd for a scone.


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