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I sold a bunch of games back to gamestop back in September so I could pick up the new Layton. For once I actually got MORE than expected, so I had credit left over. So yesterday I went back and used my credit to pick up the new version of the Wii Fit game, Wii Fit Plus. It's definitely worth the $20. They let you customize a workout so you don't have to waste time going through menus every few minutes. And there are short pre-made workouts optimized for different goals, like 'slimmer mii' or 'shoulders & back.' They've also added a few more yoga poses and strength exercises...but frankly those are a little 'meh.' However the new aerobic & balance minigames they've added are where they really shine. SO much fun. There's Rhythm Kung Fu, Skateboarding, Leading a Marching Band....

It's still not perfect. Nintendo would do well to step up their internet interactivity. They've added multiplayer...but it would be more fun if I could play against other players in my wii-friends list. I'd also like to see them use the Wii online store to let people download individual exercises. They could be constantly adding new exercises that you could download based on interest, and you wouldn't have to wait for a hard-copy update. Wii Fit Plus incorporates all your previous data, so it's not like it can't be done. They could also make your BMI & exercise progress uploadable to a website or program so that you can keep track of it, add information on non-wii exercises or count calories, etc. They have this for the Flipnote Studio for the DSi, so again, it's not like Nintendo can't do this.

Wii Fit is a good too, Wii Fit Plus is a better tool, but I think there's still a lot of unused potential here.


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