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I "liked" Doctor Who on Facebook, which means that I get constant updates and video clips of old doctors and things. Mostly I ignore them, but the other night they had one saying "Do you love Amy Pond? In the next half-season there's an episode devoted to to her backstory that will break your heart!"

In a fit of "Someone is Wrong on the Internet" I clicked on the comments to say "NO. I don't love Amy, get her the hell off the TARDIS." And as I read through the comments I saw that there were two camps. The people who hated Amy...mostly women. And the people that love Amy, mostly men. The men were baffled at the Amy Hate, and decided that we must be either die hard Doctor/Rose shippers or just jealous because Amy's pretty.

Um. NO.
HELL no.

And here's why. Warning, as River would say...Spoilers! )
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You might remember that there were a few...incidents when I listened to Mary Roach's book Bonk on audiobook. My luck continues to hold.

I'm at my parents' this week, and I've been spending most of my time refinishing a dining room table so that I will finally have one of my own.  While I work on the table I've been listening to Richard Dawkins' 'The Selfish Gene' on audiobook.  I thought it would be less dangerous than leaving my music on shuffle and having parents/neighbors hear foul language and/or a grown woman who has Chipmunks music on her playlist. 

So I'm putting the top coat onto the chair legs when my dad comes out to check my progress.  And Richard....who's been talking about cuckoos and fig wasps and wolves suddenly launches into speculation on why humans lost their penis bone, and how a hydraulic erection could be a sign of fitness and health.

*hides face in hands*

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So the orange macarons I made for Boston were a bust. I'm not sure whether it was the fact that not all my egg whites were properly aged, or the orange essence screwed up the balance, but they ended up being all lopsided and hollow in the middle.

But they still taste pretty good. So I put a plate of my oopses together and brought them in to work.

My boss tried one and said. "Wow, these taste like circus peanuts."

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I think I have zapped myself 7 times this morning already. I can feel the static in my hair. I hate this so much!!

This winter has been particularly bad for static, and today is bad for this year.

Srsly. Other people can hear it when I zap myself. In High School you could see the static if I walked around in the dark wearing flannel. I could zap other people across a sheet of paper. I broke the microwave twice just by touching it. I couldn't wear a watch because it would stop.

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I've been working my way though my beginning knitting book, dutifully trying each project that teaches me a new technique, whether I WANTED a shawl or not. So the latest thing was to learn how to decrease by making a felted purse. For the most part it went off without a hitch. Decreasing was really easy to learn, and the halves of the purse came off without a hitch. Then, since the example purse was supposed to have flowers (example purse was green with pink flowers) I decided to make leaves instead. The leaves came out really well even though I did them without any sort of pattern at all.

You know you want to see Bou-Nezumi )
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Quick shout out to the lovely ladies of the [livejournal.com profile] thehouseofmews, that I got the OK from my boss to take a 1/2 day on Friday, so expect to see me this weekend! Yaaaay!

Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] flidgetjerome for my Christmas Presents. I will try and post the picture she drew me when I get home from work. It's SO CUTE. And Merlin DVDs! I can't wait to watch commentary and dorky production diaries.

For everybody else...here's a train wreck you've got to see...

I was talking to Flidget about White House Pets, and one thing led to another, and suddenly I was on Barney's (Bush's Scottie Dog) official website. You really HAVE to watch the Christmas Specials, which are all acted out, with music and scripts and everything. And honestly, they'd be really, really adorable....if they weren't filled with criminals.

You will never look at Karl Rove the same way again after he cackles to the Secretary of Education that he got into Barney's Christmas Pageant and she didn't. And the DoJ Scandal looks especially weird after watching Alberto Gonzalez solemnly tell a scottie dog that he couldn't find a job for him in his department.
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Bad Thing:
The economy has officially hit work. We're going to have to cut 1/3rd of our production in January. I'll still be going in to work every day, as far as I know, but people on the line won't be, and will either have to use vacation time or not get paid. This is way worse than the worse rumor that had been floating around. And there's still no word on what February and March will be like. Usually by this time of year we know what the general forecast for the entire fiscal year is going to be.

Now, I don't think my company is in danger of going under, and I don't think my job is at stake. Being a Honda supplier puts me in as good a position as I could possibly be. So this is officially Worrying. But not yet Terrifying.

Good Thing:
I got my flight to Oregon fixed! I'm really looking forward to seeing [livejournal.com profile] exgentlemen and [livejournal.com profile] ideographer in a week and a half! It's been way too long. I bought my tickets back in July, at which point they were Columbus to Salt Lake City to Portland. This week when I went back to check they were (get this) Columbus to Cincinnati, Cincinnati to Salt Lake City, and...Salt Lake City to Salt Lake City....with a 164 hour layover in Portland. Oh, and the flight OUT of Salt Lake City left BEFORE I arrived. I called tech support, which was in India, and got nowhere slowly. So then I wrote an e-mail, and within a few hours had a reply that I am now flying from Columbus to Atlanta to Portland. Yay!

Bad Thing:
Season One of Merlin is OVER! *sob* At least it didn't end on a gigantic cliffhanger. And it's official that there will be a second season.

Good Thing:
TNT's 'Librarian' Movies. They're great, silly, Indiana Jones fluff about a secret society of Librarians that guard the world's mystic treasures. The dialog is surprisingly good. And in the first one Bob Newhart has a fight scene! I caught part of the third one, which made me Netflix the first one, and now TNT seems to be doing marathons of them.

Odd Thing:
Sticky Fingers Scone Mix is made of Win. All you have to do is add water, and drop spoonfuls onto a baking pan. And they taste great and have just the right consistency...just like the ones [livejournal.com profile] flidgetjerome fed me in London. Every time I find some in a grocery store I stock up, because they're kind of hard to find. But they had them at my local Kroger! HOWEVER the mix they had was Eggnog flavored. Which is not bad, but rather odd for a scone.


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