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Yesterday Netflix brought me season one of 'Jeeves and Wooster,' which I'd never seen before. Can you believe it? I read one of the Jeeves books when I was in Japan and it was love. I am so glad that the TV show is JUST as much love.

I've been diligently trying to make bento for myself at work. Sunday night I made myself a lovely meal in my Mr. Bento lunch jar. (the KING of Bento. I don't even prime it for hot and cold, and when I put in room temperature food, it chilled it because of the rest) But Monday I didn't get home from work until 10:00 and was understandably wiped. Tuesday I was also exhausted, even though I only worked 1.5 hrs overtime instead.

This morning I was good and made a bento with my leftover ravioli from last night's dinner, some microwave karaage chicken, and muffin cups full of chicken salad and black olives. It's not really all that pretty, but it tasted great. (if I ever become one of those people that make the fancy bento, shoot me.....unless they're really cute) I haven't used my Chococat box yet, maybe tomorrow.


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