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Sunday I woke up and joined the other couple that was staying at the Bed and Breakfast for said Breakfast. He was from England, and she was from the Netherlands, and they both had their orange on for the world cup. We had a very nice chat over a fresh berry parfait, sausage, fritatta, toast, coffee and tea. They were the kind of sophisticated people that have been everywhere and done everything that I'm always envious of. It was a pretty good ego-stroke to be able to say 'Oh yes, I remember that when I went to China,' or 'Well, when I lived in Japan...' I don't think I will ever feel sophisticated so it's always a shock to hold my own in that sort of conversation.

After breakfast I decided to go to the Butterfly conservatory that I saw a sign for on my way into Canada. Because you know, all the cool kids ([livejournal.com profile] aphelion_orion) are doing it. I plugged 'butterfly' into the GPS and took off. Only to find that the 'Butterfly Learning Center' is a DAYCARE. Um. What I really wanted was the Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory. Luckily it wasn't far from the Learning Center.

How cool!! There were so many beautiful butterflies. I tried to get pictures of each type, but I couldn't always manage it. There were some gigantic blue ones that were so fast you just couldn't get a shot. I had butterflies land on me...6 times I think. One of them landed on me 4 times, I could tell it was the same one because it's wing was a bit broken. I wanted to get a shot badly, but it always landed on my camera or camera hand.

I took lots of pictures, and I have to say that I really, really love my camera. It did a great job of getting good close shots. You can even see the compound eyes and loopy tongues in some of the pictures. Please take a look at them here.
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I hate daylight savings day with a passion I usually save for manicured lawns. Last week it was so nice go to to work as the sun was going up. Even when it was raining and foggy, there was still that light in the air. And the sounds of geese and some kind of songbird. It just helps me start the day on the right food. Puts a little of the Giselle 'Happy Working Song' in my heart.

Now it is dark and dreary again. Boo.

This weekend I went to the Portland Indiana Fiber Fest, and got a bunch of yarn. I missed the sheep shearing, but I did get to pet an angora bunny. My Japanese coworker made me promise to take pictures (he's a fabulous photographer) and I'm glad he did, because I'm pretty pleased with the shots I got at the festival and of my new yarn. Which I put up on my Flickr.

Sunday was mostly spent cooking. Well, no, a lot of it was spent thinking about cooking, and very little effort was spent on the actual. But I did make scones, egg salad and some kind of chicken that looks nothing like what was on the sauce packet. I do love egg salad. But it has to be made with Japanese Kewpie mayo. It makes all the difference for some reason. I think maybe it's got a higher egg content than American mayo, so it really just makes the egg taste even eggier. Or maybe my inner weeaboo is showing. Man, is it lunch time yet? I'm hungry all of a sudden.


May. 6th, 2009 10:28 am
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Well, it's May now so I have another block of space from Flickr that I can upload photos with. So right now I've posted the rest of my Beijing photos and a few photos from Xi'an. Xi'an is where the whole thing fell apart and I spent most of my time in Xi'an either in a hospital, a doctor's office or my hotel room. I never got any pictures of Shanghai! I never saw the Terracotta Warriors! This means someday I MUST go back to China.
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So, you know, I never did get pictures up from my trip to China in 2004. But now that I have a Flickr account there's no good excuse for not posting. So here's Day One from my trip to Beijing, where we went to The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven and The Summer Palace.
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Good weekend. I actually got a lot done for once! )

In other news I got a Flickr account, because I am entirely too lazy to fiddle with my pictures and load them to my webspace, but I still have a deep seated need to show everyone my cat. I have a lot more to upload, but right now I have pictures from my fantabulous Christmas in Oregon with [livejournal.com profile] exgentlemen & [livejournal.com profile] ideographer, and pictures of the cat. Sadly Roxy's pictures aren't my own. I have a hell of a time trying to get a decent picture with the lighting in my house. But I didn't think Mom would mind if I posted her pictures to my account.


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