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When I lived in Japan the lack of books in English was really a blessing in disguise for me, I think. When your pool is limited you're a lot more willing to try new things. So while I went over a hardcore fantasy reader, I came back reading mysteries and romances, ya and whatever else I could get my hands on.

Like I said in my last post, I'm totally head over heels for Wodehouse's 'Jeeves' books at the moment. I read one in Japan, and now I'm trying to catch up. But bookstores are thin on the ground in St. Marys (the entire greater area phonebook lists five, and two of those are Hallmarks, so that gives you an idea). The nearest decent one's about an hour and a half away. So today I hied me off to the St. Marys Library and got myself a card. The library is very nice, and seems to be pretty well stocked. We'll see if it can help me curb the need to make all books I see MINE. (Magic 8 Ball says : Fat Chance)

There wasn't much Wodehouse to pick from, but I did find 'Aunts Aren't Gentlemen.' I also picked up another Dorothy L. Sayers mystery, another writer I tried out in Japan. To tell the truth, I enjoyed the book I read, but I wasn't totally grabbed by it. I think the large swaths of French that I had no way to muddle through were a part of it. And I couldn't tell you the name of the book off the top of my head, just that it's the one where Lord Peter Wimsey marries Harriet Vane.

I decided to have another go at it and found a collection of the first three books, so that should give me a better starting point. I'm kind of glad I did because how can you not love a line where a man finds the dead body of a stranger in his bathroom and tells the intrepid detective:
All I said was: 'It might have been burglars,' I said, 'remember that, next time you leave a window open all night; this time it was a dead man,' I said, 'and that's unpleasant enough, but next time it might be burglars,' I said, 'and all of us murdered in our beds.'


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