Apr. 1st, 2011 02:15 pm
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So today at lunch I was working on my sock. I had it on 3 needles, and decided I wanted to switch to 4. I grabbed the spare needle from my bag...but it felt different.

So I used the digital calipers in the lab and checked.

Sure enough it was a size 1 needle, not a 0.

I am queen of the nerds!


Sep. 20th, 2010 08:54 am
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Camo Socks

This weekend was good for getting things done. I went on a road trip with my knitting girls to 'Wool Gathering' in Yellow Springs. I got some pretty stuff, and managed to finish a pair of socks for me that I've been working on here and there for a few months. Just in time for Fall.

I also remembered to finally take a picture of that lacy sparkly scarf I did this summer... )
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Ok, so awhile back I found a knitting pattern, and then [ profile] thorne_scratch and I were threatening each other with progressively worse things. And then...well...I just had to do it.
I think NSFW. But then again NO ONE else seems to have noticed anything odd about them so maybe I'm wrong. It kind of boggles the mind though. Lots of large images, NSFW images. )
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So I managed a week without an iPod, and that's about as long as I could take. Saturday I drove down to Columbus where they have an Apple store. (and a book store since I couldn't find my copy of Good Omens) And wow, is the Apple store ever.....Apple. I mean really. )
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Sheldon made my morning. Y'know, except that Flaco's holding his needles wrong. But he IS a lizard, maybe there's some technique i don't know about.
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I try not to geek out in public over my knitting too much. But last time I was home, I bought some SRS PRETTY yarn. I blew a gift certificate on this lovely turquoise mohair/silk/silver tinsel blend. It's very soft and luscious. And I immediately started on a scarf. And because it's so pretty I bring it to work and knit it on my lunch break. And...I can't help it, I show it off to anyone I see, whether they're interested or not.

My manly-men coworkers have been very tolerant of me waving a glittery girly lacy mohair scarf in their faces. It was very sweet of them. Only...maybe it's not tolerance after all.

Today one coworker asked me how it was going. I showed him how much I have and he complimented it. The nurse walked by and also complimented it. To which my manly-man coworker replied "I know! And have you touched it? It's SO soft!"

ROFL. I'm training them well.

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On Hold Socks
Originally uploaded by DarjeelingTea

Finished my socks!! Finally!! These were a lot trickier than the other pairs I've done, but I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out. The bright orangey pink makes me happy.

There are more pics and details here


Jan. 3rd, 2010 10:27 am
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Originally uploaded by DarjeelingTea

I will get around to blogging about Avatar, Sherlock Holmes and the roller coaster that was 2009. But first....knitting!!

Made these for mom so she can keep her fingers warm while she surfs the net. Very easy and quick, and the yarn is incredibly soft.

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Cabled Mitts
Originally uploaded by DarjeelingTea

One thing about Nano being over means that I no longer have a good excuse for not positng pics of my knitting. So.....Here! These are my first attempts at cables. Sadly they apparently look like bandages at a distance, and every time I wear them someone goes "What did you do to your hands!!!"

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I knew I started knitting sometime around this time of year last year, and according to my tags, that would be October 1st 2008. And even that's not quite right, because that's when I had my first finished object. It really all started with [ profile] twigcollins sending me the 1st Yarn Harlot book. It was hilarious, and because all of my peer pressure comes from books (I would ask my HS friends to drop me off at home when they went to pick up the alcohol, but characters in books have made me learn to drink tea and coffee) I had an urge to try it. But, I thought to myself, I don't really want to knit. I just think I want to knit. So I went to Walmart, bought awful needles & awful yarn. I thought a quick attempt would leave me confused, frustrated, and without any urge to actually take it up as a hobby.

Oh how wrong I was.

So let's see how the year has gone for me....
God Knows How Many Dalek & Star Trek Washcloths
7 Scarves
2 Pairs of Socks
2 Shawls
1 Disaster of a Purse
1 disaster of a baby booties
1 Sweat Rag (small towel)
1 fingerless glove (I finished that about 10 min ago, and will start the second tomorrow)

............I'm so addicted.
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As you may already know, [ profile] twigcollins is an evil, evil person who got me into knitting. But you know, I thought I kind of had it under control. I don't go crazy at the yarn store, I always have a project I plan to do, and THEN I buy the yarn. My washcloth patterns were all free, and I've only bought 4 knitting books. The fact that I have been given 13 books should not count against me. (does fiction count? if so 14) But I was getting ready for my trip to go visit the [ profile] thehouseofmews this weekend, and trying to decide which needles and yarns and such to pack. (2 of the Mews have gotten into knitting recently so it's my duty to spread the enabling.) And I got all of my stuff together in one place and...well....

I may have a problem. This may be more serious than originally thought. By my count I have....
18 sets of needles, including straight, circular and double pointed.
12 balls of 100% wool
3 balls of acrylic
1 ball of ribbon yarn
2 balls of merino
2 balls of possum (yes POSSUM, blame [ profile] eramundo
1 ball alpaca
2 balls hand dyed sock wool
19 balls of cotton (what? they're tiny and like, a buck fifty apiece)

This is getting bad. Though in my defense I only have remnants of left of most of those. Not whole untouched skeins. (no, I just have 15 like that)

....So why is it that I still don't have the right needles to do the scarf i want to do while I wait to figure out the sock?


Jun. 24th, 2009 10:53 am
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Well I had about 2 inches of ribbed cuff for a sock following the pattern that was in my book. It was then that I realized something horrifying.

I have fat ankles.
...AND calves.

I tested the cuff, and found that if I was intending anything more than an ankle sock I was doomed. Luckily for me one of my Christmas presents was 'Big Girl Knits' which I remembered had a section on adapting socks for people with thicker legs/ankles. Easy-Peasey-One-Two-Threezy right?

Uhh... So I may have spent most of last night building a spreadsheet to figure out my sock equations. The number of stitches I need to start is the circumference of my leg where the sock should end times my stitches per inch minus 15% for a snug fit, 10% for a looser fit and then rounded to the nearest multiple of 4. Then to figure out how to get to my decreases it's....well, that's not important.

What's important is that I think I'm back to washcloths for awhile. XD

(I need to make a knitting icon, I think)
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Who had a Fabulous weekend? I admit it, it was me. )
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Originally uploaded by DarjeelingTea

So Saturday I actually dragged myself away from the computer early in the morning (I wake up early just fine. I just don't like to DO anything) and off to the local Farmer's Market. I figure, there's actual farmers here, there's probably a good market, right?

So I picked up some cinnamon raisin bread, and fresh eggs. There wasn't a whole lot there, but I hear it's a bit early for produce.

But what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a lady around my age with a spinning wheel and a table full of yarn! She said 'It's knitting in public day! Grab your sticks and come join me!" So I ran my eggs home, grabbed my folding chair and came back and knitted and chatted with her for a few hours.

It turns out she is on Etsy, as Paper and Yarn. And I somehow found myself buying two skeins of hand dyed sock yarn. It's beautiful and I want to work with it right now, but I do NOT know how to use dpn or magic loop or even how to knit in the round. So it will probably sit in my knitting bag for awhile until I build up confidence.

It was a pretty awesome day.

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troika of geek
Originally uploaded by DarjeelingTea

Finished my Trek knitting project! One washcloth/dishcloth for each uniform color. But the real question long until the red washcloth bursts into flames, or comes unraveled in the wash? Oh I hope it's soon.

(Oh, btw, here's that ribbon scarf I was talking about )


Jun. 4th, 2009 09:02 pm
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I was knitting a ribbon scarf. And it was easy, and quick, and coming out well. And.....I may have gotten carried away.

When I finally decided it was time to bind off it was...uh....six feet eight inches.

I will try and have a picture of it's ridiculousness up soon.
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It was great to see [ profile] groveperson, her husband and her adorable son this weekend. We went to the downtown farmer's market and I had an awesome spinach pie while we listened to live music. The music was unbearably loud, especially for the kidlet, but the man was so obviously permanently baked that it was worth it just for the hilarity. Especially when he went into a long winded explanation of the word 'esoteric' and launched into playing the theme from The Pink Panther. Also when all the nearby table started crying and he asked, "Is it because your balloons popped, or is it my music?" Groveperson's husband gave me a new cat toy for Roxy that she loved so much that when I put it on top of the bookcase for the night, I eventually had to move a chair and a few boxes so she'd stop trying to get to it.

And since I was in the land of, like, stores and things, I picked up my Father's Day presents and a bunch of cotton yarn. I may be acquiring a stash after all. But it's all necessary! For geeky washcloths! Like the Daleks I promised people, and the first of the Star Trek washcloths. (I'm making a gold and red one, and then planning to see if the red one manages to catch on fire, or get destroyed in the wash or something)

The Trek washcloth I knitted while mainlining the first disc of Chuck. OMG what a great show. I'd heard many good things, but had never gotten around to actually watching it. (I might have done much sooner if I'd known that Adam Baldwin was in it, and playing a very slightly more civilized Jayne to boot.) Very, very funny show.

And, to drive up my ratings, two more Roxy Pictures.
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You know, one of my favorite things about Star Trek has got to be the knitter's reaction. I'm on a couple of Geek groups on Ravelry (if you knit or crochet and you don't know Ravelry you need to go sign up right now) and the reaction there has been hilarious and awesome.

Already there's a pattern up for Scotty's Knit Hat.

And there are multiple threads devoted to Spock's sweater. I give it 3 weeks before there's a pattern.

It seems to me that there are 3 geek projects that any geeky knitter has to make at least one of.

  1. Harry Potter Scarf

  2. Jayne Hat

  3. 4th Doctor Scarf

I know there's more, but I think those are the big three. Let me know if I'm missing an obvious one, I'm a bit ditzy today. I ought to get around to making some of these at some point. What do you think I should try?
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Is it Friday? How is it Friday already? Wow. This week has gone fast and I still haven't blogged about LAST weekend. So here we go. )


Apr. 15th, 2009 12:05 pm
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Last night I wove in the ends of my washcloth and today I took a picture of my Dalek Washcloth. The pic doesn't really do the yarn justice, it's a much darker pinker red. But it was really easy and really fun. I'm totally making more of these.


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