Dec. 17th, 2011


Dec. 17th, 2011 09:25 pm
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Back from Japan where much work and shopping was accomplished.  It felt really good to be useful, and to know that my Japanese hasn't faded out.  I'm just as sharp as I ever have been. This has been a huge worry since I can go two weeks at my job without having to use any language skills.

I am glad it only lasted a week though, since I was about ready to kill my coworkers by the end of it.  But it's a shame we had to go right home and I couldn't find time to visit with Soranokumo, or anyone else I still know in Japan.  We had one day of play...and I did get some shopping done, but I had to play tour guide so it wasn't really a good time to slip away and go find doujinshi or anything.

But I did get the one thing I really wanted to but couldn't on my last trip, which is an itunes gift card so I can get some new Japanese music.  Which of course means I'm hoarding it and spending all my time on youtube trying to figure out which songs to get, since even 5000 yen isn't going to buy very much. 

All this means that I ended up finding out that one of my favorite Japanese groups, Rip Slyme, did the ending theme for the Japanese dub of Spongebob Squarepants.

You're welcome.


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