May. 22nd, 2011

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So how was your apocalypse? I figure if you really had to live by all the rules, the no poly-cotton blend shirts or shrimp type rules it would figure that we're all still here. Though seriously, statistically speaking, thousands of people around the world must die at 6:00 pm. Wouldn't that timing suck? Your death would never not be a joke. Though I guess everyone would remember the exact time and date.

I went to my coffee shop and ordered my usual pancakes. The waitress asked 'one or two?' I told her two, since it was the last day on earth, I'd better have two. She suggested four. (Then she panicked that I might be actually serious about the Rapture and had offended me.) But she was very sweet and told told the kitchen to make the pancakes extra good since they were the last ones I'd ever have. (They were extra good too)

I'm trying my hand at my own baking, currently. How is it that I can make macarons but I can't seem to make anything else? We shall see if these cinnamon rolls come out tasty, because they certainly didn't come out pretty.


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