Mar. 19th, 2006

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Sometimes it's just really really good to know you've been a good friend. People at work are really very nice to me and I dont' get a chance to reciprocate very often, so it was actually kind of nice to take the day off on Friday and help my friend Chris (my gay arc welder) move into his new house, since his boyfriend had to work. He talked me into it with stories of a lazy breakfast and hanging out and watching dvds while we just waited for the guys from the hardware store come and hook up the appliances. That was the hook, but it really didn't take that long to figure out that he really just needed help moving.

But it all worked out just wonderfully. I didn't even have to carry things because both guys seem to confuse being a girl with being pregnant.
Chris on phone with boyfriend: Yeah, Ann's here, we're just having breakfast. No! Of course I won't make her lift anything!

So instead I put together all of the knockdown furniture. (in total there was an armoire, dining room table, four chairs and a bookcase put together by yours truly) It was actually sort of fun, but I did have to make a brief run back to his apartment for music from my car. I cannot live by Madonna alone. It is truly frightening the amount of Madonna music this boy owns. The only CD I found that wasn't Madonna was Gwen Stefani, who, let's face it, IS Madonna.

Me: Chris, take me to my CD's. I have Underworld's greatest hits, and you will like them.

And he was so happy I got all the furniture together that I got a steak dinner. And we all lived happily ever after.


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