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I'm still on my romance novel kick. And still picky as all hell. When I was up in Detroit I went to a used bookstore in my parents neighborhood that I know specializes in romance novels and picked up a bunch of things.

Among them was Julie Anne Long's "Since the Surrender," the third book in a series. The first book in the series was awesome. The second book was just ok, with two brilliantly funny scenes. This third one was...

Ok, so 85% of the book was actually great. As good as the first book. Good enough that when I hit the first of my major problems with it I decided to give it a pass. But in the last 100 pages the whole thing crashed and burned and went radioactive. I'm going to pick this apart, and I'm not going to try and be spoiler free, because I AM SPARING YOU FROM TRAVESTY. I will, however, put this under a cut, because this shit is about to get long.

Here is your cut. )
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I have, like, 5 posts I need to write up.  But I just wanted to get this out of the way...

If anyone would like a Google+ invite, I have some.  So far I'm pretty pleased with it in comparison to Facebook.  But it's kind of like a fax machine in that it's only useful if there's someone on the other end with one too.  So if anyone's interested, let me know.
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You might remember that there were a few...incidents when I listened to Mary Roach's book Bonk on audiobook. My luck continues to hold.

I'm at my parents' this week, and I've been spending most of my time refinishing a dining room table so that I will finally have one of my own.  While I work on the table I've been listening to Richard Dawkins' 'The Selfish Gene' on audiobook.  I thought it would be less dangerous than leaving my music on shuffle and having parents/neighbors hear foul language and/or a grown woman who has Chipmunks music on her playlist. 

So I'm putting the top coat onto the chair legs when my dad comes out to check my progress.  And Richard....who's been talking about cuckoos and fig wasps and wolves suddenly launches into speculation on why humans lost their penis bone, and how a hydraulic erection could be a sign of fitness and health.

*hides face in hands*

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I'm still on my romance reading kick, and ran across one that was a little different, and it made me think a bit. "Forbidden Magic" by Jo Beverly was interesting because it had a Manic Pixie Dream Guy. Usually it's the heroine in a Regency Romance who's like a Disney Princess on speed. She'll be the one who is overly familiar with servants, who of course adore her. She'll put up with the deaf butler and the elderly housekeeper because they're like family. She'll have the three legged dog and keep frogs in her reticule. (Srsly, I have read like 3 books now where the heroine keeps a frog in her purse, wtf?) And the hero will be very staid and proper, but he'll learn to love her joie de vie, yadda yadda yadda.

But in this book it's the hero that has the chaotic household. The maid has one eye, the dog has a perma-snarl, the footman has a limp... there's even an inappropriate parrot. He loves the heroine's little brothers and sisters and lets them eat ices for appetizers and plays with them. And of course the heroine who's had to have everything under tight control to keep her family out of serious trouble, learns to loosen up and enjoy life.

I was amused by the Manic Pixie Dream Guy, but what kind of surprised me is that making the Girl the uptight one made her almost unlikable. I'm so used to the heroine being immediately sweet and accepting that it's a little off putting when she balks at the ex-pickpocket working as a servant for her little siblings. Which is a bad reaction on my part. I would probably balk too. But it's interesting that it's an expectation that I didn't even realize I had.
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Below the cut are answers to that 5 question meme. Read more... )
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I've been watching too much Iron Chef America. The past few days, whenever I look at my clock during my lunch break I think "Fifteen minutes have elapsed" or "one minute remains..."
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Stolen from [personal profile] soranokumo & [personal profile] m_steelgrave

Comment with "Come at me, bro," and:
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.
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So I have totally been in the mood for fluffy, funny historical romance novels lately. Just...something happy you know? But most of what I've been reading is crap.

There is no excuse for this! Genre fiction, and I think romance novels in particular get a bad rap for being trash. But I've read a lot of good ones that I've really enjoyed. So when I was in the mood, and I couldn't find anything, I asked people for reccomendations. And I've been reading my way through them, and half of them make me want to committ an act of violence, because they're nice and readable until they introduce the idiot ball.

So, yeah, let's talk about the Idiot Ball. )
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Man, I asked my dad if he'd like me to make something nice for him for Father's Day / his birthday, a cake or pie or something now that I've been doing all this cooking from scratch. He was all for it, but Mom said she'd already bought a box mix and can of frosting.

This happened on Mother's Day where I offered to cook something fancy or take her out for dinner, but she just wanted hamburgers. AND on my birthday where I had plans to make a nice dinner, but my mom changed the weekend I'd come up to visit and it was another box cake and ordinary dinner.

I shouldn't feel put out, but I'd really LIKE to cook something for my parents. Feeding someone else is 2/3rds the fun of cooking. Oh well, maybe during shutdown.
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It's been awhile since I did a link spam post...

For all my ferret loving friends...

Amphibious ice cream truck. Oh come on, this MUST be on Top Gear.

I assume you've seen the little boy with the otter, but just in case.

I wish I lived somewhere that had cool food trucks.

A neat article about parrots and crows problem solving.


Jun. 6th, 2011 07:34 pm
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My kitchen is absolutely covered in chocolate. If these cookies taste as good as they smell they're going to be amaaaaaaazing.
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Ann, you're a translator. Can you translate this from French?

.....Yes, because Japanese and French have SO much in common.

(Today is not going nearly as bad as yesterday.)
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Shoot me now. This audit sucks.
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Happy Towel Day to all my froods.
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On the one hand I love it that iTunes has a checkmark for 'yeah ok, fill up all the free space on this ipod with random music from my collection.' On the other hand it leads to some weird moments where I'm going 'How did I even GET Loreena McKennet music in the first place?'
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Today I have the attention span of a ferret in a glitter snow globe.
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So how was your apocalypse? I figure if you really had to live by all the rules, the no poly-cotton blend shirts or shrimp type rules it would figure that we're all still here. Though seriously, statistically speaking, thousands of people around the world must die at 6:00 pm. Wouldn't that timing suck? Your death would never not be a joke. Though I guess everyone would remember the exact time and date.

I went to my coffee shop and ordered my usual pancakes. The waitress asked 'one or two?' I told her two, since it was the last day on earth, I'd better have two. She suggested four. (Then she panicked that I might be actually serious about the Rapture and had offended me.) But she was very sweet and told told the kitchen to make the pancakes extra good since they were the last ones I'd ever have. (They were extra good too)

I'm trying my hand at my own baking, currently. How is it that I can make macarons but I can't seem to make anything else? We shall see if these cinnamon rolls come out tasty, because they certainly didn't come out pretty.
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Dear Sensei's Lost Castle,

You suck.

No Love,
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I'm feeling in the mood to write some little fic again. Anyone have any prompts for me?
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You wouldn't think nearly a week could go so quickly...but it did!! I had a lovely time visiting with Twig, Luny, Flidget and Aphe. I wish I could have spent longer and had more one on one time with everyone.

After all my fuss and worry, eveyrone seemed to like their macarons just fine. Aphe made an amazing chocolate cake with apricot filling (she made her own jam!!). I even got to take a jar of jam home with me. And now the jam jar in my fridge is officially too full. Srsly. Watson has nothing on me.

Thursday evening after checking in to the con Twig said, 'let's go check out this new restaruant that I noticed. It has chocolate.' Good golly miss Molly does it ever. Max Brenner's Chocolate By The Bald Guy is amazing. After dinner we were like 'Let's come again, how soon does it open tomorrow?' They even put cocoa powder on their fries. But that's nothing on their drinks. Luny got a 'hot chocolate ceremony' sort of thing where there is a little tea light warming a bowl of milk, and another bowl of chocolate shavings. You add chocoalte to taste, stir with a little flat spoon...which is also a straw. (They have a website. Personally I think I need both a Hug Mug and a Kangaroo Cup)

Friday night was our big 'dinner out' to Eastern Standard. They were definitely having an off night. Even though we had reservations, we still waiting about 45 min because other big parties had paid and were just sititng around talking. The manager even went to gently prod them by asking if they needed the restaruant to order them a cab, or wanted their coats. We also suspected that there was some kind of major problem in the kitchens, because service was very very slow.

BUT. You couldn't beat the company. In addition to the rest of the gang, we also had SolitaryJane. So a lot of good conversation and laughter was had. The food and liquor were also amazing. I got to try real applejack, which was lovely and I need more of it pronto. I also felt very Anthony Bourdain by trying Escargot en Croute. (a.k.a. Snail Pot Pie) The land clams, as I have taken to calling them, were incredibly tender and tasty. Would eat again.

In the weekend news that you actually care about... Saw lots of cute anime. I highly suggest Durarara and Antique Bakery. Our fic panel was not quite as organized as last year, but I think it still held up very well to other panels I saw. We were packed, no one left, and people still wanted reassurance that THEIR character was not a Mary Sue to talk to us afterwards. Someone even chatted with me the next day! I count it as a win.

All good things must come to an end though. So I am back in Ohio. My manager has killed my birthday flowers (or at least put them through some serious trauma) but my cat is still alive and kicking and all is well.


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