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On Ask Metafilter, it's an unwritten rule that if you ask a question that relates to a cat, you MUST post a picture of that cat. So last night I dutifully posted a link to a picture of Roxy on my Flickr page. Holy Shit! Now I know how to get hits. I got something like 256 people going to check out my cat.

Anyway, going to my flickr page reminded me that I haven't posted pictures of my dining room set here. This is the bad thing about LJ vs Facebook or Google+, it's just so much easier to do that there, even though LJ is so much better for actual posts with meaty content.

Anyway2! My table!

So Dad had had the chairs stained & waxed and all those good things. I did the table, stain, 3 layers of top coat and wax. Mom put the new fabric on the cushions. I think it looks pretty good!

(sorry, Flickr's not so good at embedding)

I've been good about eating at it ever since I got it. And it's actually prompted me to get more actual book reading done instead of eating in front of the computer. So people should come visit me, I have a place to eat food now!

I thought that was the end of my woodworking adventures. But last Sunday I went to Ikea and bought a huge shelving set with a cabinet. It's all in plywood instead of their laminate, so it was dirt cheap. But I think once I use my new skills to sand it, stain it and finish it, it should look pretty nice. I won't be able to match the mahogany of the table, so I'm going to stain this blue.
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