Feb. 13th, 2006

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So now that Penny is finished for the moment, (I'm not ready to go back and do a second draft just yet) I've been racking my brain for a new project.  And I've finally come up with something I'm pretty excited about.  Of course, I'm also kind of nervous because I'm switching genres, in fact switching to a genre that doesn't have a whole lot of esteem.  (Right, because yaoi has so much.  *snort*)

Anyway, the plan is to try my hand at a Regency Romance novel.  I think it will be cute and hopefully funny.  I want to do a romance between a Lady's Maid and a Valet, and they conspire to get their employers together in order to be together themselves during a Country House Party.  I'm working out the plot and characters now, but I'm looking forward to really getting into it.  I've been trying to do some reasearch, and I ran across this, which I thought was pretty funny.   15 Things that Always Happen in Romance Novels. 

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You know, should Dick Cheney ever run for office again...President, Dog Catcher, anything in between...his opponent should totally run on the slogan. "Dick Cheney shoots his own friends in the face. Vote for ____________."


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