Mar. 8th, 2006

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I've been trying to make my apartment more homey and presentable, and less of just a shell where my computer and bed happen to be.  This is hard when you're not allowed to paint the walls or anything...and every nail hole you forget to spackle over when you leave is $10.  But I hit on the best idea.  I picked up this spray repositionable adhesive.  It basically makes everything you spray into a post-it note.   You can stick stuff on the wall, peel it off stick it somewhere else.  Awesome stuff.

And then I bought these mulberry papers at walmart.  They're really pretty sherbert-y colors, all marble-y looking, and very light.  (Heavy paper doesn't want to stay on the wall)  They were already all cut up into different shapes, rectangles, long strips, short strips, circles and triangles.  Perfect!  I could tack these up in kind of a mock border around the walls, all asymmetric and pretty.  

Or so I thought, anyway.  I just did a corner of the room and had to wince.  It looked like something out of a bad 1980's music video.  I felt like instead of wearing slippers indoors I ought to be wearing jelly sandals.  

Needless to say, the shapes all came down again very quickly. 
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Suicide bombers, assault rifles and...kites?


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