Feb. 18th, 2011

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So, if you read the post about macarons, you might have noticed that I had to take my computer back to Apple again.

I bought the thing in October, then in January the hard drive died. Then a week after that it started randomly running on battery while it was still plugged in. By the end of that week it wouldn't recognize the power cord at all. So I went back to the Apple Store where they blamed the power adapter and gave me a new one.

I tested it out at the store, and it lit up and charged, so I bit my tongue and went home. But once I got home I was back to it sometimes running on power, and sometimes running on battery.

I called tech support and they were...I wouldn't say they were unhelpful, but I wasn't exactly impressed. They offered to set me up with an appointment at the Apple Store. No no no. As you can see from my service history, I know how to go to the Apple Store. But that's a 90 mile drive. And I can't go again this weekend, so that would be two weeks.

So they sent me a box so I could ship it back for them to repair. I whined about the treatment to the IT guy at work who adores Apple. He used his connections to arrange a phone call with someone much higher up than normal Tech Support, and explained to them that my company was looking at switching, but not if there were so many quality issues like this, etc, etc.

Sooo.... I have a brand new, non refurbished laptop heading my way pretty quick. And since it's new, they couldn't exactly match the specs that I had on the old one. So my 320 GB hard drive will now become a 500, and I think one or two other things will get a minor boost.

So for now, Apple beats out HP, at least for customer service. The HP they never did fix. Rissicat did that.


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