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2012-03-23 06:30 pm

This is what the cool kids do, right?

The ant situation is now well in hand.  The little bastards are mostly dead, the few that aren't are busy taking borax back to the hive.

I still maintain that they are smart.  They're coming in from the ceiling. 

In other news I am trying out tumblr because I want to see why it's so popular and what it's all about.  And also laugh at gifs.  My new account is Teacakemix.  There's nothing of note on it right now, just a picture of bread.  Does anyone else have one for following?

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2012-03-22 09:22 am

Warning Graphic Insect Fears Below

This morning is not going well. I got up early, at 4:30, because I had to be at work at 6:00 am for a phone conference with Japan. As I was getting ready to pack my breakfast I saw...

It's spring.
The ants are here.

Sweet Jesus the ants were EVERYWHERE. They found the jar of locally produced honey where the cap doesn't fit quite right. I think one of the worst things about ants is that...they can think. When I screamed, the entire mass of ants froze, like if they didn't move I wouldn't see them. And when I went after them they scrambled to hide.

I hate that they think. Because it means they know I'm there. And if they know I'm there they can fight back against me.

Mostly I worry that they're going to swarm up my body and eat my eyes. I don't know why I'm convinced this is true but it is. I once lost a watch because I vaccumed up a bunch of ants, and accidentally snagged my watch, but I was afraid to pull the bag out and get it back because, again, now the ants would be ANGRY, and they would totally eat my eyes.

Anyway, I went after them with a combination of Raid Earth Options spray and bits of paper towel. The worst part was when they tried to dive bomb out of the cabinet. There were enough of them that there were audible little tak, tak, tak sounds as they hit the coffee maker and/or countertop.

I killed as many as I could, and wrapped up the jar of honey in a plastic bag, and then I had to go to to work.

At work the phone conference was only 15 min, and I never needed my Japanese skills.

Then a few hours later a coworker said "Hey, you have the boardroom at 10:00, can you switch your meeting to conference room 1?" Not a problem, my meeting is very small. Just me, a consultant, Manager Y and whoever Mgr Y thought should be his deputy. So I went into the system to reschedule a room, and when I did I got a 'Mgr. Y is out of the office' notice.

The hell? He took the day off and never told me. I had to get the consultant to drive an hour in for this meeting. It's not a total wash because we also meet with Manager Z this afternoon, and the consultant has stuff she can do in the meantime, but come on!! I only get so many hours of her time, and I'm trying to use them wisely.

At any rate...I'm kind of afraid to do anything else now.
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2012-03-19 08:27 am

Is this thing on?

So a few weeks ago I told my mom that I was thinking of getting a sewing machine this year, and since she's fabulous at quilting and making clothing and all that jazz, I would appreciate her advice. This past weekend I went home to visit and she said, 'let's go looking, just to get an idea of what's out there.'

So three guesses as to who now has a new sewing machine that they spent too much on and aren't quite prepared for? The first two guesses don't count.

Now I just need to figure out what to make.

FinallyI'm going to steal this from Thornescratch...

"I want to do a meme, but my attention span is low. Ask for a character or pairing, add one word to it, get a couple sentences of fic! No limits."
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2012-03-15 08:27 am

How to know when you've become a grownup.

1. The first programmed station on your radio is NPR. And it's not just for Car Talk either.

2. Your wardrobe is starting to have a lot of Lands End in it.

3. You start to crave vegetables.

4. You think 'Gee, I need to do laundry tonight so I have something to wear when I visit my parents' instead of 'Yay, I can haul all my laundry to my parent's place and do it there.'

Help! I need something ridiculous and childlike, STAT!
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2012-01-29 07:21 pm

Happy Birthday Twig!!

Happy Birthday!  Hope your weekend was awesome sauce.
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2012-01-01 07:15 pm


Did anyone borrow my copy of 'Ancient Inventions?' Giant Doorstop of a book, looks like this?
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2011-12-31 07:52 pm


2011 was a crazy year, especially with work being affected by the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and then the Thailand flooding. And slightly more family crazy than usual.

But overall it's also been a GOOD year. I got to meet new people in person like Aphelion Orion, and see old friends like Twig, Lunar and Flidget. I got to go to Japan. I learned how to do some basic wood finishing, and finished a dining room table, and put together a Tardis-blue shelving and cabinet set. I knit my first sweater. I even became a pseudo-aunty when friends had a lovely baby girl.

I even kept a resolution! I usually don't bother, since they last all of five minutes. But in 2011 I decided this was the year I would eat better. Not healthier. Better. So it's been a year of learning to cook. Getting my Very Tall Chef's Hat from the America's Test Kitchen DS game. Learning how to properly dice an onion, cook a roast, make a pan sauce, bake bread, make ice cream, bake French Macarons. I used real cream and butter, and whole milk. But I didn't gain any weight, I think because I was also using real vegetables, having smaller portions, and cooking without artificial preservatives, flavors, and other chemical enhancements. (It also doesn't hurt that after trying a really difficult recipe I was often too tired to bother eating it, and just had it for lunch the next day)

So the cooking things is definitely for keeps.

I'm looking forward to seeing what new and exciting things will happen/I can accomplish in 2012. I already have my sweater yarn on order for my knitting group's yearly challenge.

I hope this will be a good year for all of you, and everyone you care about.

Lots of love,
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2011-12-17 09:25 pm
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Back from Japan where much work and shopping was accomplished.  It felt really good to be useful, and to know that my Japanese hasn't faded out.  I'm just as sharp as I ever have been. This has been a huge worry since I can go two weeks at my job without having to use any language skills.

I am glad it only lasted a week though, since I was about ready to kill my coworkers by the end of it.  But it's a shame we had to go right home and I couldn't find time to visit with Soranokumo, or anyone else I still know in Japan.  We had one day of play...and I did get some shopping done, but I had to play tour guide so it wasn't really a good time to slip away and go find doujinshi or anything.

But I did get the one thing I really wanted to but couldn't on my last trip, which is an itunes gift card so I can get some new Japanese music.  Which of course means I'm hoarding it and spending all my time on youtube trying to figure out which songs to get, since even 5000 yen isn't going to buy very much. 

All this means that I ended up finding out that one of my favorite Japanese groups, Rip Slyme, did the ending theme for the Japanese dub of Spongebob Squarepants.

You're welcome.

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2011-11-29 01:03 pm

Wonder of Wonders

So I had a wonderful week off hanging out with my parents and knitting up a storm. And then I got back to work only to find out that I am going to Japan.

Damn! If I had knows about that I wouldn't have taken the vacation time! I don't think I'll have really any time to visit SoraNoKumo, or old work friends this time, which is a shame. But I'm still really geeked to go.

What am I going to weaaaaar?
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2011-11-07 06:47 pm

Many Happy Returns

Happy birthday [personal profile] m_steelgrave !

May this year double everything that was good, and halve everything that was bad.

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2011-10-11 08:14 pm
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Stephen Fry and Brian Blessed Swearing Up a Storm for Science.

Obviously not safe for work, but it's brilliant. Stephen & Brian start about 17 minutes in if you want to skip to it, but the whole thing is a lot of fun.

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2011-09-29 07:51 am
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What a rollercoaster morning. I packed a delicious lunch (sage roasted chicken with glazed turnips and apples) got in the car, and Kate Beaton was on the radio!! I was so excited. I made viking hands.

And then I got to work to find out that the phone conference with the customer this afternoon...it's not a phone conference, we have to go there.

My coworker who's also in the meeting came by while I was making oatmeal, and I was so surprised that I poured all the water into the oatmeal packet. Luckily I had another packet at my desk, so all was not lost.
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2011-09-26 11:53 am
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Back to Who Ranting - River Song edition

This post was originally going to be about how awesome River Song was in comparison To Amy Pond. That shows you how long ago I started to plan this, because that was before the show did its best to ruin her.

Spoilers Sweetie! )
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2011-09-25 09:48 am
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Good Things

I've been ranting a lot lately...and I'm not done yet.  I have a few more coming up.  But I'd like to take a break to share something good.  I had to go to Chicago for work on Wednesday, and I managed to slip over to Mitsuwa, the big Japanese shopping center they have, which has it's own bookstore.  And though they didn't have any of the Maru books (sadface) they did have the new Arakawa Hiromu manga 'Silver Spoon.'

I can't think of the last time I was this charmed by a manga.  I mean, I adore 'Stepping on Roses' but half of my enjoyment is the overtop ridiculous melodrama.  Silver Spoon is just plain good.

It's a 'Slice of Life' manga that takes place at an agricultural high school in Hokkaido.  The protagonist, Hachiken Yuugo, is a total fish out of water here.  He's basically spent his whole life studying, and now he finds himself totally unprepared for all the manual labor and animals and everything that all the other students are pretty used to. 

It's got all of the Arakawa sense of humor, and I kept laughing out loud when... for instance Hachiken thinks he's stumbled on a group of guys looking at a porn mag...but they're really looking at a catalog of cows for sale.  Or his reaction to finding out that chicken eggs and chicken shit come from the same hole. 

But what really impresses me is the pacing.  Of course, Arakawa is a HUGE name at this point, but it's still refreshing that the manga doesn't lead with a monologue of who Hachiken is and why he's ended up all the way in Hokkaido.  At the end of the first volume we know that by the end of middle school Hachiken was basically burnt out from all the studying and juku, and looking to escape from his home life.  But we don't yet know anything about that home life.  And since all he's done is hit the books, Hachiken hasn't taken the time to really find out what he wants to do, and so now he's looking to figure out what exactly his dream really is.  And I can tell these things are going to unfold slowly, and that's a good thing.  Too many manga front load too much, then have problems when they need to figure out what happens next.

I really hope this one does well, and that it gets an official translation.  And maybe an anime or live action adaptation >.>
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2011-09-11 09:22 am

I should make a playlist with this and Katamari Damacy

Little Big Planet music is good for cleaning your house to.
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2011-09-02 07:33 pm
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I will eat them with homemade ice cream

Yorkshire puddings are the bomb.  They are like cupcakes made of waffles. 

Ahh, it's a good day after all.
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2011-08-29 01:58 pm
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Go Away Amy Pond

I "liked" Doctor Who on Facebook, which means that I get constant updates and video clips of old doctors and things. Mostly I ignore them, but the other night they had one saying "Do you love Amy Pond? In the next half-season there's an episode devoted to to her backstory that will break your heart!"

In a fit of "Someone is Wrong on the Internet" I clicked on the comments to say "NO. I don't love Amy, get her the hell off the TARDIS." And as I read through the comments I saw that there were two camps. The people who hated Amy...mostly women. And the people that love Amy, mostly men. The men were baffled at the Amy Hate, and decided that we must be either die hard Doctor/Rose shippers or just jealous because Amy's pretty.

Um. NO.
HELL no.

And here's why. Warning, as River would say...Spoilers! )
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2011-08-27 08:29 am


Stay safe all my east-coast friends! 
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2011-07-29 10:58 am
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A Dining Room Set, Finally!

On Ask Metafilter, it's an unwritten rule that if you ask a question that relates to a cat, you MUST post a picture of that cat. So last night I dutifully posted a link to a picture of Roxy on my Flickr page. Holy Shit! Now I know how to get hits. I got something like 256 people going to check out my cat.

Anyway, going to my flickr page reminded me that I haven't posted pictures of my dining room set here. This is the bad thing about LJ vs Facebook or Google+, it's just so much easier to do that there, even though LJ is so much better for actual posts with meaty content.

Anyway2! My table!

So Dad had had the chairs stained & waxed and all those good things. I did the table, stain, 3 layers of top coat and wax. Mom put the new fabric on the cushions. I think it looks pretty good!

(sorry, Flickr's not so good at embedding)

I've been good about eating at it ever since I got it. And it's actually prompted me to get more actual book reading done instead of eating in front of the computer. So people should come visit me, I have a place to eat food now!

I thought that was the end of my woodworking adventures. But last Sunday I went to Ikea and bought a huge shelving set with a cabinet. It's all in plywood instead of their laminate, so it was dirt cheap. But I think once I use my new skills to sand it, stain it and finish it, it should look pretty nice. I won't be able to match the mahogany of the table, so I'm going to stain this blue.