Dec. 31st, 2011


Dec. 31st, 2011 07:52 pm
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2011 was a crazy year, especially with work being affected by the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and then the Thailand flooding. And slightly more family crazy than usual.

But overall it's also been a GOOD year. I got to meet new people in person like Aphelion Orion, and see old friends like Twig, Lunar and Flidget. I got to go to Japan. I learned how to do some basic wood finishing, and finished a dining room table, and put together a Tardis-blue shelving and cabinet set. I knit my first sweater. I even became a pseudo-aunty when friends had a lovely baby girl.

I even kept a resolution! I usually don't bother, since they last all of five minutes. But in 2011 I decided this was the year I would eat better. Not healthier. Better. So it's been a year of learning to cook. Getting my Very Tall Chef's Hat from the America's Test Kitchen DS game. Learning how to properly dice an onion, cook a roast, make a pan sauce, bake bread, make ice cream, bake French Macarons. I used real cream and butter, and whole milk. But I didn't gain any weight, I think because I was also using real vegetables, having smaller portions, and cooking without artificial preservatives, flavors, and other chemical enhancements. (It also doesn't hurt that after trying a really difficult recipe I was often too tired to bother eating it, and just had it for lunch the next day)

So the cooking things is definitely for keeps.

I'm looking forward to seeing what new and exciting things will happen/I can accomplish in 2012. I already have my sweater yarn on order for my knitting group's yearly challenge.

I hope this will be a good year for all of you, and everyone you care about.

Lots of love,


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