Mar. 22nd, 2012

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This morning is not going well. I got up early, at 4:30, because I had to be at work at 6:00 am for a phone conference with Japan. As I was getting ready to pack my breakfast I saw...

It's spring.
The ants are here.

Sweet Jesus the ants were EVERYWHERE. They found the jar of locally produced honey where the cap doesn't fit quite right. I think one of the worst things about ants is that...they can think. When I screamed, the entire mass of ants froze, like if they didn't move I wouldn't see them. And when I went after them they scrambled to hide.

I hate that they think. Because it means they know I'm there. And if they know I'm there they can fight back against me.

Mostly I worry that they're going to swarm up my body and eat my eyes. I don't know why I'm convinced this is true but it is. I once lost a watch because I vaccumed up a bunch of ants, and accidentally snagged my watch, but I was afraid to pull the bag out and get it back because, again, now the ants would be ANGRY, and they would totally eat my eyes.

Anyway, I went after them with a combination of Raid Earth Options spray and bits of paper towel. The worst part was when they tried to dive bomb out of the cabinet. There were enough of them that there were audible little tak, tak, tak sounds as they hit the coffee maker and/or countertop.

I killed as many as I could, and wrapped up the jar of honey in a plastic bag, and then I had to go to to work.

At work the phone conference was only 15 min, and I never needed my Japanese skills.

Then a few hours later a coworker said "Hey, you have the boardroom at 10:00, can you switch your meeting to conference room 1?" Not a problem, my meeting is very small. Just me, a consultant, Manager Y and whoever Mgr Y thought should be his deputy. So I went into the system to reschedule a room, and when I did I got a 'Mgr. Y is out of the office' notice.

The hell? He took the day off and never told me. I had to get the consultant to drive an hour in for this meeting. It's not a total wash because we also meet with Manager Z this afternoon, and the consultant has stuff she can do in the meantime, but come on!! I only get so many hours of her time, and I'm trying to use them wisely.

At any rate...I'm kind of afraid to do anything else now.


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