Apr. 26th, 2011

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You wouldn't think nearly a week could go so quickly...but it did!! I had a lovely time visiting with Twig, Luny, Flidget and Aphe. I wish I could have spent longer and had more one on one time with everyone.

After all my fuss and worry, eveyrone seemed to like their macarons just fine. Aphe made an amazing chocolate cake with apricot filling (she made her own jam!!). I even got to take a jar of jam home with me. And now the jam jar in my fridge is officially too full. Srsly. Watson has nothing on me.

Thursday evening after checking in to the con Twig said, 'let's go check out this new restaruant that I noticed. It has chocolate.' Good golly miss Molly does it ever. Max Brenner's Chocolate By The Bald Guy is amazing. After dinner we were like 'Let's come again, how soon does it open tomorrow?' They even put cocoa powder on their fries. But that's nothing on their drinks. Luny got a 'hot chocolate ceremony' sort of thing where there is a little tea light warming a bowl of milk, and another bowl of chocolate shavings. You add chocoalte to taste, stir with a little flat spoon...which is also a straw. (They have a website. Personally I think I need both a Hug Mug and a Kangaroo Cup)

Friday night was our big 'dinner out' to Eastern Standard. They were definitely having an off night. Even though we had reservations, we still waiting about 45 min because other big parties had paid and were just sititng around talking. The manager even went to gently prod them by asking if they needed the restaruant to order them a cab, or wanted their coats. We also suspected that there was some kind of major problem in the kitchens, because service was very very slow.

BUT. You couldn't beat the company. In addition to the rest of the gang, we also had SolitaryJane. So a lot of good conversation and laughter was had. The food and liquor were also amazing. I got to try real applejack, which was lovely and I need more of it pronto. I also felt very Anthony Bourdain by trying Escargot en Croute. (a.k.a. Snail Pot Pie) The land clams, as I have taken to calling them, were incredibly tender and tasty. Would eat again.

In the weekend news that you actually care about... Saw lots of cute anime. I highly suggest Durarara and Antique Bakery. Our fic panel was not quite as organized as last year, but I think it still held up very well to other panels I saw. We were packed, no one left, and people still wanted reassurance that THEIR character was not a Mary Sue to talk to us afterwards. Someone even chatted with me the next day! I count it as a win.

All good things must come to an end though. So I am back in Ohio. My manager has killed my birthday flowers (or at least put them through some serious trauma) but my cat is still alive and kicking and all is well.


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