Apr. 18th, 2011

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Hubris man, it's a bastard. I've been getting ready for going to Boston and meeting up with Twig, Flidget, Luny...and meeting Aphelion for the first time. And since Flidget was the one who got me to make macarons in the first place I thought I would make macarons for everyone, in whatever flavor they wanted.

So a week ago I made vanilla ones (with real vanilla bean! I'm so fancy) and cherry ones. And I made vanilla and cherry buttercream icing. Then I put it all in the freezer.
I was feeling VERY proud of myself.

Then Sunday I made orange and cinnamon macarons. I put them in the oven and... Oh. They're all lopsided and hollow inside. Damn. That would be why they say macarons are hard.

Then I thawed out my old macarons and icing and the cherry icing was awful. That's okay, I have cherry jam. I thought the vanilla buttercream was ok, but then after piping a few I realized...no, it was also not right. And now I hardly have any vanilla macarons left. And nothing to fill them with. *sigh*

And today at lunch I realized I'd gone a half inch too far with my sock, ripped it back, and got the yarn tangled in the phone cord. (Note to self, don't let yarn near a phone cord in the future.)


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