Jan. 25th, 2011


Jan. 25th, 2011 07:38 pm
kaitou: (Bad Day)
Well my Macbook died this morning. I was surfing. It locked up. So I restarted it and...nothing happened. White Screen of Death and a little bit of a clickling noise. I checked with Apple and they agree that it's probably the harddrive, which is under warranty (not that they don't want to sell me the extended warranty). I can either get it sent back for repair, or take it 2 hrs away to the Mac Store. Either way I won't get my data back.

I'm not going to lose very much. No programs, a few pictures. I have most things backed up. The only thing that burns is that I had been ripping my old CDs to get rid of the physical and free up some space. So those I don't have at all now. But for the most part they were from 1999 or earlier and I haven't listened to them in forever. So it wasn't a huge deal.


So for now I'm on the HP. It overheats easily, so that it makes a nice lap warmer in this cold weather. And I made coffee with a lot of brandy in it.

A lot.



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