Jan. 8th, 2011

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I just got back from the grocery store and realized that I bought ground mustard when I already have ground mustard. So I did what any good Quality Assurance Engineer does and....entered an inventory of all the spices I have into my phone. God, the dorkery...it burns, precious!

This whole urge to actually cook and not just, like, eat a stick of beef jerky and half a sleeve of fig newtons for dinner is usually doesn't last for all that long, so I'm trying to milk it for all that it's worth!

I actually spent most of Shutdown (the auto industry doesn't work between Christmas and New Years) cooking up at my parents with the DS Tutorials. I cooked SO MUCH FOOD. There were smashed red potatoes with sour cream and chives, more of the balsamic & maple glazed carrots (those didn't turn out as good this time, the quality of the balsamic vinegar makes a big difference...but I managed to fix it for leftovers) pork chops in a brandy sauce, polenta, pot roast with root veggies, chocolate mousse from scratch and banana bread.

I also bought a lot of cooking stuff like a dutch oven and cast iron fry pan. And I finally traded in the crappy mixing bowls that [personal profile] twigcollins and I had in college for a nice deep set.  Now I just need to make all of this stuff fit in my kitchen.  Oh well, I guess I can inventory it while I'm at it!


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