May. 28th, 2006

kaitou: (Jon Stewart)
Huzzah! I have laundry! One of the ladies from work is moving into a new house, and I got her 3 year old washer and dryer for $200. Another coworker and her husband brought their van by and helped me move them and get them all hooked up in my apartment. I didn't even really get to help hook them up. They brought their two sons with them, so my job was pretty much to distract them. That was much easier than expected...they homed in on my 'Kingdom Hearts 2 Hintbook' like heat seaking missiles and asked me questions on the relative strength of different Heartless the entire time. I STILL haven't finished playing this. >.<

But I HAVE been playing the Sims2 a bit more. I updated the drivers on my video card, and this seems to have stopped the problem of it crashing every time I play for more than 20 min. I decided that some of the situations I had set up before were too complicated, so I started fresh with a due South set of Benton and RayK sims. Within the first hour, they'd hugged, danced, gotten jobs as EMTs and set their kichen on fire. It proceeds well.

Yay clean clothing!


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