May. 4th, 2006

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I suppose now that it's Thursday I should probably get around to posting about my art class on Monday, though I don't know that anyone's actually all that interested. ^^;; No major drama this time, but we did have the following conversation...
Teacher: I know what you did wrong last time! You were using pastels, not charcoal, weren't you? That's why it wouldn't lift out!!
Me: No, I was using charcoal.
Teacher: HMMMMM!!!!
Me: I really think you're thinking about this too much.
Teacher: AHA! You're using compressed charcoal! You should be using vine charcoal. You see, the difference is....
Me: I know what vine charcoal is. But this is what I HAVE.

Lucky for me Hobby Lobby was having a 1/3 of all charcoal sale this week. (no, really!) So next time I'll have the proper sort of materials for him. Guy model WAS really hot, just like the teacher promised. I decided that since I'm posting these on the net I might as well keep all the drawings instead of wiping each pose out as we went. Nekkid Boi under the cut. Do I have to warn you about work safe? )


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