May. 1st, 2006

kaitou: (Jon Stewart)
So I'm sadly not rich. On Saturday I went with my arc welding boi, his boyfriend and another lady from the arc welding line to a riverboat casino over in Indiana to celebrate my boi's birthday. It's the first time I've ever been to a casino, and I thought that the melodic whirring sound that the electronic slot machines make was going to drive me nuts. We mostly played as a group, each person putting in so much money, and taking turns hitting the button, which I think was more fun than playing alone would have been. I had one small run of luck, turning $5 into $50 into $75.....but then into $50...$25...$10...$0. So in the end I walked out $6 poorer. But that's not bad at all.

On Sunday I went with another lady from work to go see Kathy Griffin at the Schuster Center. OMGBBQ! So funny. I wish that she came for more than one night, she went off onto hilarious tangets, promising to tell more, and then ran out of time. She had a great bit about going to perform in Iraq ( "And before all you conservatives get up and leave, guess where I was three weeks ago today! Bagdad Motherf*ckers!") and having one of those Ambian sleepwalking attacks in the shower on base and walking out in front of everyone in flipflops and a showercap, and nothing else.


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